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Understanding Cloud Architecture


3 hours


This course looks at cloud architecture and what technologies and methods are utilized to develop and deploy modern cloud applications.


Cloud architects, system programmers and anyone seeking to gain further skills in understanding cloud concepts and current cloud technologies.


Completion of “Introduction to Cloud Computing” or equivalent knowledge, and basic IBM Z hardware and z/OS knowledge.


After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Identify and describe the differences between the cloud services
  • Describe the suitability and drawbacks of the different cloud services
  • Identify and describe the differences between cloud deployment models
  • Describe what are the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud deployment models
  • Identify various open-source technologies used to support cloud applications
  • Describe what are cloud native applications

Course Content

Cloud Services and Deployment

Cloud Service Models
IaaS Suitability, Drawbacks, Providers and Users
Bare Metal as a Service
PaaS Suitability, Drawbacks, Provides and Users
Containers as a Service and its Benefits
SaaS Suitability, Drawbacks, Providers and Users
Serverless Computing
Function as a Service
Cloud Deployment Models
Differences Between Traditional and Modern Hybrid Clouds
Case Analysis for Cloud Deployment Models
The Advantages, and Disadvantages of Specific Cloud Deployment Models
Cloud Bursting Architecture

Open-Source and Cloud Native Applications

Containers and Their Uses
Containers vs Virtual Machines
Containers on z/OS
Kubernetes Architecture
Open-Source Platforms and Communities
Red Hat OpenShift
Cloud Native Applications
Cloud Native vs Traditional Applications
DevOps and Cloud Native Applications

Understanding Cloud Architecture Mastery Test