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z/OS – Initializing and Terminating the z/OS System 2.5


4 hours



The z/OS – Initializing and Terminating the z/OS System course describes what actions occur as part of a z/OS system initialization, and then delves into the system data sets and configuration libraries responsible for defining z/OS system characteristics. The final module in this course simulates a z/OS system start-up and shutdown, describing the most common commands and operator responses.


Experienced operators and system programmers who require knowledge about managing system initialization.


A good understanding of operational concepts or successful completion of the z/OS – Concepts course.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the tasks performed during system initialization
  • Identify the purpose of important system data sets
  • Describe how parameter libraries and parameter lists are used to define system attributes
  • Initialize and terminate a z/OS system

Course Content

Understanding the System Initialization Process

System Configuration Concepts and Roles
Components of the Initialization Process
Phases of Initialization

Working with System Data Sets

System Configuration Data Sets
System Libraries
System Logs
Subsystem Data Sets

Working with System Parameter Lists

Introduction to System Parameter Lists
Specifying System Configuration Data Sets
Specifying Parameter Libraries
Selecting System Parameter Lists

Initializing and Terminating the System

Initializing the System
Displaying IPL Details
Logging On
Starting Tasks
Terminating the System

z/OS – Initializing and Terminating the z/OS System 2.5 Mastery Test