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z/OS – Managing and Processing z/OS Data 2.5


4 hours



The Managing and Processing z/OS Data course describes how I/O, which is the reading and writing to external devices such as disks, tape, printers, and networks, is performed in a z/OS environment. It then discusses the various z/OS-related resources that can be shared and the role of workload management in prioritizing workloads.


Operations, programming, and technical support personnel requiring knowledge about z/OS; this course provides a broad introduction to many aspects of the z/OS environment.


Successful completion of the z/OS – Concepts course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how I/O is processed in a mainframe environment
  • List the system components that participate in z/OS system resource sharing
  • Describe how Workload Management (WLM) manages resources

Course Content

How z/OS Processes I/O

The I/O Operation
Channel Subsystem
CCW and Coupling Channels
I/O Definitions
Open Systems Adapter
OSA Express
Shared Memory Communication
Remote Direct Memory Access

Mainframe Resource Sharing

Physical and Logical CPU Sharing
Channel Sharing
Sharing Across the SYSPLEX
Coupling Facility

Workload Management and WLM

The Need to Share Resources
Dispatchable Units, Address Spaces, and Enclaves
Dispatching Priority
I/O Priority
WLM Service Classes
WLM Goals
Donor Receiver Concept

z/OS – Managing and Processing z/OS Data 2.5 Mastery Test