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z/OS – Techniques for Handling General z/OS Problems 2.5


3 hours



This course introduces several techniques and processes used to assist with resolving z/OS system problems.


Senior operators and technical support personnel who require knowledge to identify and solve z/OS system problems.


Successful completion of the z/OS – Identifying z/OS System Problems course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Create system log entries
  • Modify the status of a device using the VARY command
  • Display and define an Auto-Reply Policy
  • Use the CMDS command to control command flooding

Course Content

Additional Problem Handling Techniques

Logs and Messages
Changing the Maximum Number of Concurrent TSO Users
Varying I/O Devices Online and Offline
Auto-Reply Function

Handling Command Flooding

Command Classes
Formats and Purposes of the CMDS Command
CMDS Command

z/OS – Techniques for Handling General z/OS Problems 2.5 Mastery Test