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z/OSMF – Working with z/OSMF Tasks z/OS 2.5


4 hours



This course provides the student with the skills needed to use some of the major z/OSMF features: problem management, workflow creation, software management and deployment, and cloud provisioning.


This course is suitable for Operations and Administration staff whose responsibility is to monitor and manage the z/OS system.


Completion of the Interskill z/OSMF – Introduction and Basics course and general knowledge of system administration tasks performed within the data center.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Interrogate Problem Management Incident Logs
  • Describe How Workflows Are Configured and Accessed
  • Create Software Instances That Represent Your Installed Software
  • View Details of Products Included in Software Instances
  • Deploy SMP/E Managed Software
  • Explain z/OSMF Cloud Provisioning Concepts
  • Create Software Services Templates, Domains, Tenants, and Resources
  • Publish Software Services Templates
  • Provision and Deprovision Software Services Instances=

Course Content

Problem and Workflow Management with z/OS Management Facility

Incident Log
Viewing diagnostic data
Forwarding dumps to IBM
Removing incident entries
Using workflows
Workflow steps
Importing a workflow
Running a workflow
Workflow history
Workflow notifications

Software Management with the z/OS Management Facility

z/OSMF software management features
Creating software instances
Displaying products in each software instance
Producing software maintenance reports
Deploying system software using the z/OSMF
Types of deployments
Using the deployment checklist
Checking for missing SYSMODS
Final deployment configuration

Cloud Provisioning and Management with z/OS Management Facility

The need for cloud provisioning
Benefits of using z/OSMF for self-provisioning cloud resources
Planning for cloud provisioning
Job roles associated with provisioning tasks
Cloud provisioning marketplace
Creating a software services template
Defining tenants
Creating resource pools
Deprovisioning a service
Publishing a template
Marketplace administration

z/OSMF – Working with z/OSMF Tasks z/OS 2.5 Mastery Test