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Z Performance – z/OS Performance Tools and Software Pricing z/OS 2.5


3 hours



In this course you will discover how SMF is used to capture important system activity and store it as specific record types. You will see how these records are structured and the utilities used to convert their content into a readable format. Commands used to display, configure, and manipulate SMF are covered, as well as the process of archiving SMF records and creating your own SMF records. Following this, an introduction to software licensing is presented, describing common licensing models and the metrics they use to determine the cost to the customer. This information will assist the user in determining ways to minimize software licensing costs.


This course is suitable for systems programmers/administrators or for those IT specialists that require knowledge of the specific topics covered.


Completion of the following Interskill courses:

  • IBM (z/OS) – The Evolving Mainframe
  • IBM (z/OS) – Working with the Mainframe
  • z/OS – Concepts
  • z Performance – Introduction to Mainframe Performance

or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the Purpose of SMF
  • Describe How SMF Records are Generated and Read
  • Enter Commands to Interact with SMF
  • Describe Various Software Licensing Models
  • Identify Methods for Reducing Software Costs

Course Content

Introduction to SMF

SMF Capabilities
SMF Data Processing Concepts
Logstream and VSAM Data Set Storage
SMF Record Types
Record Subtypes
Reading SMF Records – On and Off the Mainframe
Signed SMF Records
Compressed SMF Records
SMF Commands
Archiving SMF Records
SMF Exits
Creating SMF Records

Software Costs and Pricing

Software License Costs
Usage-Based Costs
IBM Pricing Options
Flat Workload License Charges (FWLC)
Four-Hour Rolling Average
Sub-Capacity Costs
Sub-Capacity Eligible Products
Sub-Capacity Report Tool (SCRT)
Special Workloads and Pricing
Container Pricing and Tailored Fit Pricing
Tenant Groups
International Program License Agreement (IPLA)

Z Performance – z/OS Performance Tools and Software Pricing z/OS 2.5 Mastery Test