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Z Performance – z/OS Workload Manager


3 hours


The Z Performance – z/OS Workload Manager course provides the learner with steps describing how WLM components are created and linked, to form a WLM policy. The course then progresses to discussing in detail various workloads and the goals and importance that should be assigned to them. This is followed by an overview of performance information that can be obtained through SMF records, MVS commands, and SDSF.


This course is suitable for IT specialists whose role is to manage the performance of WLM in a z/OS environment.


Completion of the following Interskill courses, IBM (z/OS) – Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment and z/OS – Concepts and Components or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course the student will be able to:

  • The purpose of WLM resources and how they are defined
  • The link between service classes, goals, and workload selection
  • How workload statistics can be obtained, and used

Course Content

Working with WLM

Interfaces to WLM
Viewing a Service Definition
Creating a Workload
Defining a Service Class
Specifying Workload Selection Rules
Installing a New Definition
Creating Report Classes
Classification Groups
Creating an Additional WLM Policy
Resource Groups

WLM Performance Management

Defining Service Class Attributes
Started Task, Batch, and TSO Workloads
CICS and IMS Transaction Workloads
WLM and Enclaves
Using MVS Commands and SDSF to Display WLM Information
Obtaining WLM Performance Data Using SMF Type 72 Records
Performance Index Matrix
SMF Type 30 and 99 Records
Modifying WLM Settings

Z Performance – z/OS Workload Manager Mastery Test