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z/VM – Identifying and Resolving z/VM Problems z/VM 7.3


5 hours



The z/VM – Identifying and Resolving z/VM Problems course looks at the tools and methods used to gather information that assists with problem resolution, and discusses how performance issues and general problems are resolved. The processes and utilities used for backup and recovery are also discussed.


Senior Operators and system administrators responsible for maintaining the integrity of the z/VM system.


Successful completion of all other Interskill z/VM courses in this series, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Manipulate the Data Produced by the Console Log and EREP, Accounting, and Symptom Service Virtual Machines
  • Recognize Dumps That Can Be Invoked
  • Run and Process Data Using the CP Trace
  • List the Benefits of Performance Monitoring Practices
  • Enter CP Commands Used to Display Performance Data
  • Identify How the CP Monitor is Configured to Capture Performance Information
  • Describe the Function of the Performance Toolkit
  • Enter Commands to Display the Status of Users and DASD Devices
  • Identify the Actions Required to Resolve User and DASD Problems
  • Back Up z/VM Data by Using DDR, TAPE DUMP, and SPXTAPE Commands and Utilities
  • Recover and Restore z/VM System Data

Course Content

Collecting System Data

Recording Relevant Data
Gathering System Information using the Console Log
Console Log Commands
Handling EREP and Symptom Service Virtual Machine Data
Managing Symptom Records
Displaying Dump Status
Creating and Running Dumps
Stand-Alone Dumps
Running a CP Trace
Viewing Trace Data

Handling Performance Issues

Understanding System Performance
Identifying Performance Data
Gathering Performance Data Using CP Commands
Using the CP Monitor Facility
Event and Sample Data
Displaying Monitor Settings
Starting and Stopping the Monitor
Working with the Performance Toolkit

Resolving User and DASD Problems

Types of User Problems
Commands to Display User Status
Resolving General User Problems
Handling DASD Reserve/Release Errors
Resolving Problems with Pinned Data
Handling Fenced DASD

Performing Backup and Recovery

Using SPXTAPE to Dump Spool Files and System Data Files
Using DDR to Dump DASD
Using Tape Dump and VMFPLC2 to Backup CMS Files
Image Level and File Level Backup Software
Restoring System and CMS File Data

z/VM – Identifying and Resolving z/VM Problems z/VM 7.3 Mastery Test