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z/VM – Managing CMS Files z/VM 7.3


4 hours



The z/VM – Managing CMS Files course describes how to create lists of CMS files from which you can delete and rename files, and copy and compare their contents. You will also see how CMS files can be sent to other users, and how they are saved on the user’s disk after transmission. You will also see how the XEDIT utility can be used to add data to a CMS file.


System operators, system administrators, or other staff responsible for controlling and monitoring activity on guest operating systems.


Successful completion of the Interskill z/VM – Managing Guest Operating Systems, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Create a List of Files Using FILELIST
  • Invoke CMS Commands Inside and Outside of FILELIST to Delete, Copy, Rename, and Compare Files
  • Send and Receive CMS Files
  • Access and Customize an XEDIT Session
  • Use XEDIT Subcommands and Macros to Add Data to a CMS File
  • Copy, Move, Delete, and Modify Data in a CMS File Using XEDIT
  • Locate Data in a CMS File
  • Enter Subcommands to End an XEDIT Session

Course Content

Manipulating CMS Files

Creating a New CMS File
Displaying a List of CMS Files
Locating a File in the FILELIST
Sorting FILELIST Data
Copying, Comparing, Renaming and Deleting CMS Files
Sending and Receiving CMS Files

Using XEDIT to Create CMS File Content

Accessing XEDIT
XEDIT Session Basics
Adding Content to CMS Files
Power Typing Mode
Adding Indented Lines
Inserting Data From Another File
Copying Data to Another File

Using XEDIT to Modify CMS File Data

Modifying, Copying and Deleting CMS File Content
Sorting Data
Scrolling Through CMS File Data
Using the Search Command
Saving CMS File Data
Exiting XEDIT

z/VM – Managing CMS Files z/VM 7.3 Mastery Test