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z/VM – Managing Guest Operating Systems


6 hours


The Managing Guest Operating Systems course describes the types of guests that can be installed under z/VM and the methods used to create, display and manipulate CMS files.


System operators, system administrators or other staff responsible for controlling and monitoring activity on guest operating systems.


Solid background in z/VM concepts and operation or completion of the z/VM Concepts and System Initialization course and the Monitoring and Controlling z/VM Operations course.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the type of guest systems that can be initialized under z/VM
  • Create, display and manipulate CMS files
  • Edit CMS file content using XEDIT

Course Content

Starting Guest Systems

Identifying Guest Systems that Run Under z/VM
Starting a Guest System
Communicating with your Guest System

Entering CMS Commands

Understanding CMS Disk Structure and File Naming
Entering CMS Commands
The CMS Help Facilities
Running CMS Pipelines
Pipelines Device Drivers and Filters

Manipulating CMS Files

Displaying a CMS File List
Copying, Comparing, Renaming and Deleting CMS Files
Sending and Receiving CMS Files

Using XEDIT to Create CMS File Content

Invoking XEDIT
XEDIT Session Basics
Creating CMS File Data

Using XEDIT to Modify CMS File Data

Scrolling Through CMS File Data
Modifying, Copying and Deleting CMS File Content
Using the Search Command
Saving CMS File Data
Exiting XEDIT

z/VM – Managing Guest Operating Systems Mastery Test