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z/VM – Managing Guest Operating Systems z/VM 7.3


4 hours



The z/VM – Managing Guest Operating Systems course describes the types of guests that can be installed under z/VM. This includes the Conversational Monitor System (CMS), which is the default guest operating system that comes with z/VM. You will also look at the commands used to IPL, pause, restart, and shut down a guest operating system, and how to IPL the system automatically and manually.


System operators, system administrators or other staff responsible for controlling and monitoring activity on guest operating systems.


Successful completion of the Interskill z/VM – Introduction and Concepts course and the z/VM – Monitoring and Controlling z/VM Operations course, or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Recognize Guest Systems That Can Be Loaded in z/VM
  • IPL a Guest Operating System
  • Pause, Restart, and Halt a Virtual Machine
  • Identify How CMS File Names Are Structured
  • Access the Appropriate CMS Help
  • Code Simple Pipelines

Course Content

Starting Guest Systems

Identifying Guest Systems that Run Under z/VM
CMS Guest System
z/VM as a Guest System
z/VM User Directory
Using Profiles
IPLing a Guest System
Communicating with your Guest System
Pausing, Stopping and Resuming a Guest System

Entering CMS Commands

Understanding CMS Disk Structure and File Naming
XEDIT Utility
Entering CMS Commands
The CMS Help Facilities
Full Screen CMS
Interrupting CMS Activity
Running CMS Pipelines
Pipelines Device Drivers and Filters
Pipelines and XEDIT
Pipelines and REXX

z/VM – Managing Guest Operating Systems z/VM 7.3 Mastery Test