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zWS – Monitoring and Managing the IBM Z Workload Scheduler Environment


6 hours


The Monitoring and Managing the IBM Z Workload Scheduler for z/OS Environment course describes how IBM Z Workload Scheduler is used to monitor and manage batch processing flows. Details relating to job restart and recovery using this product, are also provided.


Data Center operators or schedulers seeking an introduction to IBM Z Workload Scheduler and daily operational knowledge of the product.


Successful completion of the ZWS – Understanding How IBM Z Workload Scheduler Processes Work course, or equivalent knowledge. General knowledge of the z/OS environment is also required as well as an understanding of the batch processing environment.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Monitor daily batch processing using IBM Z Workload Scheduler dialogs
  • Modify the status and attributes of workstations
  • Add applications to the current plan
  • Perform job restart and recovery

Course Content

Communicating with IBM Z Workload Scheduler

Starting and Stopping IBM Z Workload Scheduler
Manipulating Default Settings
Navigating Through the ISPF Dialogs
Using Filter, Sort and Locate Commands

Monitoring the Workload

Accessing the Ready List
Identifying Error and Status Codes
Displaying Dependencies
Querying the Status of Work in the Current Plan

Managing the Workload

Displaying and Modifying Workstation Availability
Adding Applications to the Current Plan
Resolving Dependencies
Adding, Deleting and Modifying Dependencies

Job Recovery and Restart

Identifying Job Failure and Restart Requirements
Performing an Operation or Step Restart
Rerunning an Occurrence
Modifying the Status of an Operation

zWS – Monitoring and Managing the IBM Z Workload Scheduler Environment Mastery Test