Mainframe Application Programmer

Programming Tools – z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition – Experienced

This badge earner can describe how z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition is used to provide access to mainframe data from internet sources, and can install and access the z/OS Connect EE API Toolkit features. This individual can also package and deploy Services and APIs to a z/OS Connect Server.

Java for COBOL Programmers – Experienced

This badge earner can create Java code that mirrors tasks performed by their COBOL programs. This includes accessing mainframe data sets and DB2 database files, manipulating the data, and re-writing it to a new file, or back to its original source.

Java for COBOL Programmers – Fundamentals

This badge earner already has extensive COBOL programming experience, and can describe how this maps to Java programming processes in a mainframe environment. The individual can identify key Java code elements and characteristics, and the tools and utilities that Java requires.

Java on z/OS – Experienced

This badge earner already has extensive Java programming experience and can apply this to how it is used in a z/OS environment. The individual can code, compile and run a Java program on this platform, and can describe the facilities and tools made available for Java on z/OS.

IBM Development Environment – Fundamentals 2.4

This badge earner can explain how data is stored and accessed in a mainframe environment, and the transaction capabilities in modern mainframe systems. The individual can identify common programming languages used on the mainframe, how Language Environment works, and the components that support batch job processing.

PL/1 Programming – Expert

This badge earner has experience with PL/1’s code structure and syntax and can efficiently create code to define data types, and to access and manipulate data in files. This individual can code PL/1 to perform execution branching, conditional processing, looping, debugging tasks, and can invoke built-in functions.

IMS 15 Programming – Experienced

This badge holder has a solid understanding of the IMS environment and how online and batch programs are used to extract data from this type of database. This person can write code used to access IMS data.

Db2 V12 SQL Coding

This badge earner has experience with SQL code structure and syntax, and can efficiently create code to access, insert, sort, update, and delete Db2 database content. This individual can identify and resolve SQL errors, and diagnose and fix SQL performance-related issues.