Mainframe Operator

JES2 – Expert 2.4

Using JES2 error and warning messages, this badge earner can identify batch and system issues, and analyze problems by issuing additional investigative JES2 commands. The individual can use this knowledge to resolve batch and system problems including those related to JES2 initialization and shutdown.

Managing the z/VM Environment

This badge holder can explain the purpose of the z/VM operating system, its components, and how it is used by organizations. The individual can display, monitor, and manipulate the z/VM system and resources, manage guest operating systems, and perform high level backup, recovery and system performance tasks. The earner can identify the tools and methods …

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JES2 – Experienced 2.4

This badge earner can describe how JES2 is used to process work in a z/OS 2.4 environment, and can monitor, manipulate and schedule jobs under control of this product. This individual can also shut down and initiate JES2 on their z/OS system.

IMS 15 Operations – Experienced

This badge holder has a solid understanding of the IMS environment and its components, being able to initialize and shutdown these items as required. This person also monitors and manages the IMS database environment for problems, and performance issues.

Db2 V12 Operations

This badge earner has a solid understanding of the Db2 environment, its components, and the use of SQL to extract data. This individual can initialize and shutdown Db2 and individual database components, identify and analyze problems through information gathering, and resolve errors and performance issues.

CICS v5.6 Operations

This badge earner can explain operational aspects of CICS (including a startup and shutdown) and the function of various CICS components. This individual can also identify and interpret CICS error and performance messages and resolve issues using CICS commands (either directly through CICS, or using the CICS Explorer interface).