Badge Category: Mainframe Specialist

IBM Z Enterprise System Hardware z16 – Experienced

This badge earner can identify the types of IBM Z Enterprise System Hardware and their suitability for organizations. They can also describe the functions and configuration of hardware components inside the z16 mainframe and LinuxONE systems, and can explain how workloads are processed.

Cloud Foundations

This badge earner can describe how cloud services have evolved and identify and compare major cloud platforms and models including: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. They can also describe the differences between public, private, hybrid, community, and multiclouds and explain the pros and cons of each. This person can identify common cloud security threats and present …

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DevOps Fundamentals

The earner of this digital badge can describe how DevOps adoption can benefit an organization, and the components that comprise a traditional DevOps implementation. They understand the importance that people play in a DevOps environment and the attributes they require to be successful. This person can identify what DevOps activities need to be monitored and …

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Parallel Sysplex – Foundations 2.4

This badge earner can explain an organization’s need for a Parallel Sysplex and the features it provides. They can also describe how a Parallel Sysplex can be configured and its key components.

SMP/E – Fundamentals

This badge earner can identify the components that are used by SMP/E for installing z/OS system software, and the steps that are required to perform this task. The individual can receive, apply, and accept fixes and un-install z/OS system software updates if required. Additionally, they can create and manage the inventory, zones, and library structures …

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VSAM Management – Experienced 2.4

The earner of this digital badge can describe how VSAM can be configured for data sharing and recovery capabilities, and can identify attributes that affect VSAM performance.

VSAM IDCAMS Utility – Expert 2.4

This badge earner can invoke the IDCAMS utility program to interact with VSAM data sets. The individual can use IDCAMS to create, alter and delete VSAM data sets and their indexes, and copy data to and from them, identifying situations where such actions would be required.