Badge Category: Mainframe Specialist

Cloud Foundations

This badge earner can describe how cloud services have evolved and identify and compare major cloud platforms and models including: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. They can also describe the differences between public, private, hybrid, community, and multiclouds and explain the pros and cons of each. This person can identify common cloud security threats and present …

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Mainframe Specialist – z/OS – Expert 2.5

This badge earner can identify common processes, commands, and tools that are used in identifying z/OS system errors and poor performance, and can resolve issues using a number a resources, including MVS commands.

Mainframe Specialist – z/OS – Experienced 2.5

This badge earner can describe the tasks performed during z/OS system initialization and can perform an IPL and shutdown of the system as required. They can also enter MVS commands to monitor job, task, resource, and system activity occurring on a z/OS system and can describe how SMF is used to record activity details.

Mainframe Specialist – z/OS Batch Utilities – Experienced 2.5

This badge earner can identify common IBM utility programs and describe how they are used. They can also code JCL and control statements for data copying utilities (IEBGENER, ICEGENER, and IEBCOPY), and general utilities (IEFBR14, IEBUPDATE, IEBCOMPR, IEHLIST and IEHPROGM). The earner can describe and code DFSORT programs used to reorganize data.

Mainframe Specialist – TSO/ISPF – Expert 2.5

This badge earner can access data stored in mainframe data sets using TSO and ISPF. They can also use these products to rename, copy, move and delete data sets and can describe how raw data is manipulated using edit line and primary commands.

Mainframe Specialist – TSO/ISPF – Foundations 2.5

This badge earner can allocate and create data sets using TSO commands and from this environment, log into ISPF. They are able to modify ISPF defaults and can configure multiple ISPF screens for their session.

Mainframe Specialist – SDSF – Expert 2.5

This badge earner can use SDSF to locate storage and address memory information used for problem identification and resolution. They can display attributes associated with key system libraries and can describe how this information can be used for analyzing and diagnosing the performance of workloads and availability of the system.