Badge Category: Mainframe Systems Programmer

Mainframe Performance – Experienced

This badge earner has a solid understanding of mainframe performance requirements, and the tools used to obtain performance statistics. Using SMF data, the earner can identify and resolve CPU and I/O performance issues and can create a workload management policy to meet organizational goals. The individual can explain how software licensing costs are determined, and …

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Mainframe Performance – Fundamentals

This badge earner can explain the importance of mainframe systems tuning and identify mainframe components whose performance can be measured. They can also describe common tools used to obtain system performance data. This individual can also explain metrics used to measure CPU usage and can identify how this information is obtained.

Programming Tools

This badge holder has experience with CLIST and REXX code structure and syntax and can efficiently create code in these languages in order to interact with mainframe data. This person also has a solid understanding of the Assembler programming language and can edit, compile, execute, and debug an assembler program confidently.

IMS 15 – Experienced

This badge holder has a solid understanding of the IMS environment, being able to create IMS databases and monitor them for performance. This person can also perform backup and recovery of IMS data as required.