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Below are proposed course titles and release dates for new content on MyInterskill’s Learning Management Systems (LMS). While Interskill endeavors to release all courses as listed, actual course titles and release dates may vary. As a customer, you automatically receive access to new courses and updates, unless specified in your agreement. Be sure to ENROLL/REGISTER for them when you access the LMS. We add and/or update courses several times per year, so check this page often!*

Proposed Q2 Courseware

Proposed Expert Videos Series

  • Python for Systems Programmers


REXX Curriculum (new content, restructured, and updated)

  • REXX – Basic REXX Functions and Subroutines
  • REXX – Manipulating and Converting Data
  • REXX – Program Flow
  • REXX – Handling Errors
  • REXX – Working in the TSO/E Environment
  • REXX – Host Commands and System REXX
  • REXX – Other Distributions

WASz Liberty Curriculum (New)

  • Introducing WASz Liberty

IBM Z Software Asset Management Curriculum (New)

  • Introducing IBM Z Software Asset Management (TADz)

Artificial Intelligence Curriculum  (New)

  • AI on IBM Z

Update most of the z/OS group of courses to z/OS 3.1

Proposed Q3/Q4 Courseware

NetView Curriculum (New)

  • IBM Z NetView (Introduction)

Zowe Curriculum (New)

  • Zowe Installation
  • Zowe Configuration
  • Node.js Introduction

GDPS Curriculum (New)

  • Introducing GDPS

Mainframe Modernization Curriculum (New)

  • Introduction to Mainframe Modernization
  • Rehosting
  • Refactoring

IBM Power Systems – IBM i Curriculum updated to IBM i 7.5

Update remaining of the z/OS group of courses to z/OS 3.1

*Note that these releases are subject to change.