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David Stephens, Longpela Expertise
David Stephens, Longpela Expertise

Series: Implementing Pervasive Encryption on z/OS
Expert: David Stephens, Longpela Expertise
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  • Video 1: Introduction: Pervasive Encryption on z/OS At Rest: Disk and Dataset
  • Video 2: Disk Dataset Encryption
  • Video 3: At Rest: Tape and Coupling Facility
  • Video 4: At Rest: Other Encryption
  • Video 5: At Rest: Choosing Encryption
  • Video 6: In-Flight
  • Video 7: Which Encryption Should You Use?

Jack Woehr, Softwoehr LLC

Series: Quantum Computing
Expert: Jack Woehr, Softwoehr LLC
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Quantum – Easy Introduction to Quantum Computing

  • Video 1: About this series
  • Video 2: What is quantum computing and what is it not?
  • Video 3: Who is doing quantum computing?
  • Video 4: When can you expect to see quantum computing?
  • Video 5: Where is quantum computing?
  • Video 6: Why are people moving forward on quantum computing?

Quantum – Installing Qiskit on IBM LinuxONE

  • Video 1: Introduction
  • Video 2: Meet IBM quantum computing
  • Video 3: Meet QISKIT, the python library to access IBM Q
  • Video 4: Setting up a free Linux virtual server on LinuxONE in the cloud
  • Video 5: Installing QISKIT on LinuxONE
  • Video 6: Using QISKIT on LinuxONE