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Checkout some of our NEW and updated mainframe training courses. As a customer, you automatically receive access to these courses. Be sure to ENROLL for them when you access the MyInterskill LMS. We add and/or update courses several times per year, so check this page often!

New and Updated Courses Released This Quarter

Quantum Computing Curriculum

CLIST Curriculum

REXX Curriculum

IBM Mainframe Communications Curriculum

RACF Series

Database Curriculum

Db2 v13 Operations Series
Db2 v13 Series

New and Updated Courses Released 4th Quarter 2023

Database Curriculum

New Db2 Lab

Cryptography Curriculum

IBM Environment Intro Curriculum

IBM Mainframe Performance and Capacity Management Curriculum

New and Updated Courses Released 3rd Quarter 2023

Zowe Curriculum

Mainframe Training Sandbox Exercises (Labs) Curriculum

Courses marked with “★” are available to clients with Enterprise licenses only

Containers Curriculum

Data Center Storage Management Curriculum

Disaster Recovery Curriculum

IBM LinuxOne Hardware Curriculum

Parallel Sysplex Curriculum

Security Curriculum

VSAM Curriculum

z/OS Connect Curriculum

z/OS Management Facility Curriculum

z/VM Curriculum 7.3

New and Updated Courses Released 2nd Quarter 2023

Containers Curriculum

Hardware Management Console

Python Programming

Quantum Computing

z/OS UNIX System Services 2.5

New and Updated Courses Released 1st Quarter 2023

Introduction to the IBM Environment 2.5

JCL for z/OS 2.5 (Job Control Language)

JES2 for z/OS 2.5

SDSF for z/OS v2.5

TSO/ISPF for z/OS v2.5

Utilities for z/OS v2.5

z/OS 2.5

Operations Assessments 2.5

All Operations Assessments have been updated to version 2.5.

Mainframe Training Sandbox Exercises (Labs) 2.5 Series

Many sandbox exercise labs have been updated and can be viewed here.

Coaching and Mentoring Web Developer Templates

We have updated many of our Web Developer templates to z/OS version 2.5

New and Updated Courses Released 3rd and 4th Quarter 2022

IBM Developer for z/OS Curriculum

We have added a new curriculum that replaces our previous RDz Curriculum.

IBM Z Enterprise 2022

Six new courses that will replace our existing Z Enterprise 2021 curriculum have been added.

Cloud Computing

Two new courses were added to our existing Cloud Computing Curriculum.

New and Updated Courses Released 1st Quarter 2022

JES3plus Curriculum

We have released 4 new JES3plus courses.

New and Updated Courses Released 4th Quarter 2021


We have released our first of many new Expert Video type courses.

WebSphere Curriculum

We have added 2 new WebSphere courses

CICS v5.6 Curriculum

We have updated all the CICS v5.3 to CICS v5.6 courses

DevOps Curriculum

We have 1 new course!

New VSAM Curriculum

Two new courses

New and Updated Courses Released 3rd Quarter 2021

RACF Curriculum

We have updated all of our RACF courses!

Cloud Computing Curriculum

We have 2 new course!

IBM Z Enterprise Curriculum

Three new courses with the latest Z hardware.