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CICS TS - BMS User Interfaces


4 hours


The CICS TS - BMS User Interfaces course looks at the 3270 user interface and discusses how Basic Mapping Support (BMS) is used to move and display data between CICS and CICS application programs. Details explaining how BMS mapping can be used to create and tailor HTML templates is also provided.


Programmers who require knowledge of application programming in the CICS environment and its user interfaces


Completion of the "CICS TS - Programming Introduction" course or familiarity with CICS fundamentals and internal transaction processing, and basic knowledge of the concepts of application programming in COBOL, PL/1, or Assembler


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Recognize the hardware characteristics of the 3270 family of terminals
  • Identify how Basic Mapping Support (BMS) is used to design and code screen display format
  • Recognize the operation and facilities offered by CICS Web Support for the presentation of CICS maps and HTML pages
  • Identify how the BMS Mapping function is used to generate and tailor HTML pages

Course Content

Introduction to CICS TS User Interfaces

Introduction to the 3270 Interface and the Units Dealing with Presenting CICS Transactions
Using This Interface
Recognize 3270 Interfaces
Recognize 3270 Emulator Software
Identify BMS and its Macros
Recognize the Web Interfaces

Basic Mapping Support

Define BMS
Identify the Objectives of BMS
Recognize the Types of BMS Maps
Define the Concepts of BMS Maps and Mapsets
Identify How BMS Mapsets Are Processed
Identify How BMS Is Used to Code Web Interfaces

Defining BMS Maps

Identify How Mapsets Are Defined By Using the DFHMSD Macro
Identify How Maps Are Defined By Using the DFHMDI Macro
Identify How Map Fields Are Defined By Using the DFHMDF Macro
Define the Alternatives to BMS Map Definitions

BMS Input and Output Operations

The RECEIVE MAP Command and Its Parameters
The SEND MAP Command and Its Parameters
The SEND TEXT Command and Its Options
The SEND PAGE Command
The ROUTE Command

CICS TS Direct Web Interfaces

Generating HTML Templates from BMS Maps
Recognize Three Macros That Are Used to Create HTML Templates
Using Default HTML Templates
Extra BMS Macros to Customize HTML Templates
Customizing HTML Templates

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