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CICS TS - Programming Introduction


3 hours


The CICS TS - Programming Introduction course looks at the requirements associated with CICS TS programming and provides a description of the CICS web interfaces that you need to be aware of.


Application programmers requiring knowledge about the concepts of the CICS Transaction Server, and how it can be used to deliver legacy and newer, web-based solutions


Basic knowledge of the concepts of programming structures and the constructs of network systems


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the design changes required for the conversion of legacy programs to newer non-3270 based programs
  • Recognize the strategic web interface options of the CICS Transaction Server
  • Recognize the supplied program interfaces for integration with the web

Course Content

CICS TS Program Design

Program Structure Requirements for CICS Programs
New Structure Required to Use CICS with Non-3270 Interfaces
Conversational, Non-Conversational, and Pseudo-Conversational Programming
Separation of Business and Presentation Logic
Modern CICS Design Options

CICS TS Web Interfaces

An Overview of CICS and the Internet
The IBM Four Strategic Methods for Accessing CICS Transactions from the Web
CICS Web Support, Including 3270 Web Bridge
CICS Transaction Gateway
CICS EJB Support
WebSphere Host Integration

CICS TS Web Programming Interfaces

An Overview of Implementing CICS to Web Communication Using Programming Interfaces
MQ Series and MQ Series CICS Bridge
EPI, ECIO, and the CICS Client
CICS Transaction Gateway Terminal Servlet
CICS to TCP/IP Sockets Interface

CICS TS Programming Introduction Mastery Test

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