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CICS TS - Using SDF II To Maintain CICS TS Maps


2 hours


The CICS TS - Using SDF II To Maintain CICS TS Maps course provides you with an overview of the SDF II product and describes how it is used to build a BMS map.


Programmers who require knowledge of application programming in the CICS environment and its user interfaces


Completion of the "CICS TS - Programming Introduction" course or familiarity with CICS fundamentals and internal transaction processing, and basic knowledge of the concepts of application programming in COBOL, PL/1, or Assembler. Completion of the "CICS Transaction Server BMS User Interfaces" or knowledge of the structure and use of CIC TS BMS Maps.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Understand the Structure of the SDF II product
  • Identify how SDF II is used to create BMS macros
  • Use SDSF II to produce a CICS TS BMS Map

Course Content

Introduction to SDF II

Introduction to a Screen Painter
Introduction to SDF II
Configuring SDF II
SDF Libraries and Formats
SDF II Screens and Their Uses
Generating BMS MAP Source From SDF II

Using SDF II Workshop

Recognize the Basic Configuration Required for the SDF II System
Define the Process of Building a Map with SDF II
Identify How the COBOL Data Structure for the Map Is Created
Identify How SDF II Generates the Desired Output of the Map
Recognize the BMS Code Generated by SDF II for the Map

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