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CICS Transaction Server Extensions


5 hours


The CICS TS - Extensions course describes how the internet can be used in conjunction with a CICS database system. It explains how the CICS Transaction Gateway can be used with Java. It also details the security principles and implications of internet connectivity.


Programmers and system administrators requiring knowledge about the options available for making legacy CICS transactions and data available to the Internet, and how to use CICS to provide high-volume, reliable processing for Internet applications


Basic knowledge of CICS, the Internet, and Java


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define the available methods for web-enabling CICS transactions
  • Define the CICS Transaction Gateway and the use of Java to drive CICS transactions
  • Identify the basic Java objects provided by the CICS Transaction Gateway and how they can be used in a Java applet, application, or servlet
  • Identify the security issues raised by exposing CICS systems to the Internet, and the technologies available to address them
  • Identify how the CICS Transaction Server has implemented some of these Internet security technologies.

Course Content

Internet and Mainframe CICS Environments

Internet Overview - Web Browsers, HTML, and HTTP
Internet Transmission and Display Protocols
CICS Mainframe Environments
Accessing CICS Applications Programmatically
CICS and Communication with the Internet

The CICS Transaction Gateway

The Java Gateway Application
Java Overview
Java Applets, Applications, and Servlets
How the CICS Transaction Gateway Accesses CICS
The External Call Interface

Programming By Using the CICS Transaction Gateway

The CICS Transaction Gateway API
JavaGateway Object
ECIRequest Object
An Example of Connecting to CICS
Deployment Issues

Interacting with CICS from the Web

Enterprise Java Beans
CICS HTTP comunication
CICS as Web Service
Atom Feeds

Security on the Web

Security Principles
Security Technologies
CICS Security Implementations

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