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Db2 for IBM i - Introduction for Programmers


3 hours


The Introduction to Db2 for IBM i course introduces the two main Db2 file types, physical and logical files. It describes how to define and create them.


This course is intended for new programmers, with some existing operational knowledge of databases and the workings of the IBM i system, who will be writing programs which access the IBM i database. At the completion of the course the student will have a basic understanding of the IBM i system's data file specifications (DDS) for both Physical and Logical files. This course is not intended to teach the basic operations of IBM i system and its usage. The course does not teach the actual creation of the database; neither are the steps such as editing and compiling a database file, and retrieving data using a programming language, covered in the course.


Knowledge of data processing, programming concepts, and the IBM i operating system.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of a Physical file
  • Explain the usage of a Logical file
  • Use IBM i database terminology when referencing database files
  • Explain the use of trigger programs
  • List the 3 basic ways programs access files
  • Understand how program access files
  • Know which files can have keys defined
  • List the basic methods SQL can be used to access the database
  • Indentify, read, and understand the basic elements of the DDS code for a Physical file
  • Indentify, read, and understand the basic elements of the DDS code for a Logical file

Course Content

Introduction to Db2 for IBM i

Physical Files
Logical Files
Trigger Programs

Record Level Access and SQL

Record Level Access and an overview of how to access Db2 for IBM i with SQL

Introduction to Physical Files

Describe Physical Files to the system using DDS

Introduction to Logical Files

Describe Logical Files to the system using DDSLogical File Concepts
Use of Logical Files

Db2 for IBM i - Introduction for Programmers Mastery Test

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