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OS/390 UNIX Applications and Interfaces


4 hours


The OS/390 UNIX Applications and Interfaces course is intended for OS/390 (MVS) programmers requiring the knowledge and skill to use the UNIX environment on the OS/390 operating system.


OS/390 (MVS) programmers requiring knowledge to use the UNIX environment on the OS/390 operating system


Knowledge of MVS utilities, JCL, TSO, and ISPF, basic programming skills, and basic knowledge of UNIX


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Recognize OMVS TSO commands
  • Define the ISPF interface to the shell
  • Identify how to run batch processes
  • Identify programming language support under OS/390 UNIX
  • Identify the uses of major applications

Course Content

OMVS TSO Commands

Interfaces to the Hierarchical File System
Traditional TSO/E
Examples and Uses

ISPF Interface to the Shell

Ishell Interface
Navigation Through Ishell Options

Batch Considerations

JCL Enhancements
Code JCL Accessing Files and Programs in the HFS

Application Programming and Language Support

Examples of C and REXX Programming Languages
Code Programs to Access OS/390 UNIX Services
Compile, Link, and Run Simple Programs

OS/390 UNIX Applications

Uses of the Major Applications
WebSphere Application Server
Net.Data and DCE

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