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OS/390 UNIX Customization and Administration


12 hours


The OS/390 UNIX Customization and Administration course is intended for OS/390 (MVS) programmers requiring the knowledge and skill to be able to install, customize, maintain, and perform administration tasks relating to the UNIX components of the OS/390 operating system.


OS/390 (MVS) programmers requiring knowledge to install, customize, maintain, and perform administration tasks related to the UNIX components of the OS/390 operating system


Knowledge of MVS utilities, JCL, and SMP/E


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Recognize the hierarchical file system structure
  • Identify the main installation tasks and data management
  • Define security considerations
  • Identify SMP/E and maintenance methodology
  • Define performance issues and problem diagnosis

Course Content

Installation, Customization, and Administration Overview

OS/390 UNIX and the Open Systems Environment
Traditional UNIX Systems
Major UNIX Components and Functions
Overview of Key Terms

Installation Tasks

Modes of Operation of OS/390 UNIX
Installing and Customizing the Main Components
OS/390 UNIX Setup and PARMLIB Customization

Managing Hierarchical Files

OS/390 Implementation of HFS
Hierarchical File System Structure
Managing the HFS

TCP/IP Customization

TCP/IP Customization of OS/390 UNIX Components
Customizing TCP/IP Host Based Applications - Telnet and Ftp

OS/390 UNIX Security

Security Tasks Involved in Customizing OS/390 UNIX
Using IBM Security Server (RACF)
Granting User Access to OS/390 UNIX

Process and Operations Management

OS/390 UNIX Address Spaces
UNIX Processes and Threads
Useful OS/390 UNIX Operator Commands

OS/390 UNIX SMP/E Maintenance

OS/390 UNIX SMP/E Elements
SMP/E Maintenance Methodology for the HFS

Performance Issues and Problems

Workload Manager Service Classes and Classification
Performance Tips for OS/390 UNIX

Daemons and Applications

Customizing Syslogd and Crond Daemons
Overview of WebSphere and DCE

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