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Labs - SDSF (z/OS)


3 hours


The Labs - SDSF course provides a range of exercises that can be run in your organization's mainframe training sandbox. Initial exercises focus on configuring SDSF screen defaults and then move on to managing batch jobs and their output using a number of SDSF options. Several exercises relating to searching and saving data from system and user logs are also provided. The last two exercises are for more experienced personnel and deal with JES2 initiator manipulation, and locating data that can assist if there is a JES2 resource shortage.


The majority of exercises are suitable for those that use SDSF to display and manage batch jobs and output, while later exercises are more appropriate for senior operators or System Programmers.


A solid understanding of SDSF or the successful completion of the following Interskill courses:

  • SDSF - Concepts and Operation
  • SDSF - Using SDSF to Control Job Processing
  • SDSF - Using SDSF to Display, Manipulate, and Print Job Output
  • SDSF - Advanced - Tips and Tricks

Each Lab module below contains its own list of prerequisites or equivalent knowledge, which is displayed when accessing the module.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Display and hide the SDSF action bar, and screen display options
  • Identify jobs that are held, and release them
  • Identify job delays
  • Access held and non-held output and perform filtering on screen results
  • Sort output based on SDSF screen criteria
  • Manipulate output attributes
  • Purge unwanted output
  • Search SDSF logs for data
  • Print and save log data
  • Display and manipulate JES2 initiator attributes
  • Display JES2 job-related resource usage

Course Content

Lab SDSF (z/OS) - Monitoring Job Activity Using SDSF

Reconfiguring SDSF Screens
Displaying SDSF Filter Values
Release Held Jobs
Identifying Job Delays
Modifying Jobs to Allow Them to Execute

Lab JCL (z/OS) - GDG and z/OS UNIX Use

Creating a GDG Base Entry using IDCAMS
Creating and Referencing Generation Data Sets
Altering GDG Base Entry Attributes
Creating a z/OS UNIX File

Lab SDSF (z/OS) - Monitoring and Manipulating Job Output

Displaying Held and Non-Held Output
Sorting Output by Criteria
Modifying Output Characteristics
Holding and Releasing Output
Saving Output to a Data Set
Accessing JCL Used to Create Output
Purging Output

Lab SDSF (z/OS) - System and User Log Use

Accessing SYSLOG and User Log Data
Searching Logs for Specific Data
Using the LOCATE Command
Printing Portions of the Log
Saving the User Log to a Data Set

Lab SDSF (z/OS) - Initiator and JES2 Resource Monitoring

Displaying Initiator Characteristics and Status
Modifying JES2 Initiator Attributes
Starting and Draining JES2 Initiators
Displaying JES2 Resource Usage
Displaying System IPL Information
Searching the PARMLIB Concatenation
Identifying Address Space Resource Issues

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