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Managing Digital Certificates


3 hours


The “Managing Digital Certificates” course discusses how digital certificates are used to provide authentication in a z/OS environment, with initial content describing how to plan for their use. Details discussing how digital certificates are created and managed are then provided.


Application programmers, systems programmers, database administrators, security administrators and anyone requiring knowledge about how user access is defined using RACF on the z/OS platform.


Successful completion of the “Introduction to RACF” course or equivalent knowledge.


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Explain how digital certificates are used to provide secure access
  • Describe the process of setting up a certificate environment
  • Use the RACDCERT command to manage digital certificates
  • List tasks required to maintain a digital certificate environment

Course Content

Introduction to Digital Certificates

Public-Key Cryptography
Digital Certificates
Digital Certificate Formats
How Digital Certificates are Used in a z/OS Environment
Planning a Digital Certificate Environment

Creating and Managing Digital Certificates

RACF Certification Generation Process
The RACDCERT Command
Creating a Digital Certificate
Managing Digital Certificates
Digital Certificate Administration Tasks
DIGTCERT General Resource Profiles
Using RACF to Manage Key Rings of Stored Digital Certificates
Renewing an Expiring Digital Certificate

Managing Digital Certificates Mastery Test

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