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Tandem Remote Maintenance Interface


2 hours


The Remote Maintenance Interface course explains how to use Tandem's Remote Maintenance Interface (RMI). It also lists the commands that control the Tandem system.


Personnel who require knowledge of Tandem Remote Maintenance Interface (RMI)


Knowledge of the Tandem operating and communication systems


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify how RMI is used
  • Recognize RMI commands

Course Content

Controlling the System with RMI Commands, Part 1

RMI Access
Logging On
RMI System Status
Alarm Status and Control
System Load Configuration
Processor States
RMI Processor Load

Controlling The System with RMI Commands, Part 2

RMI System Load
RMI Processor Busy
RMI Status
System Load Configuration
IPC Status and Control
I/O Configuration
Power/ Environment Status

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