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CA Netmaster Network Management for TCP/IP


12 hours


This course requires a familiarity with OS/390 networking concepts and facilities; familiarity with TCP/IP and SNMP; familiarity with ISPF and TSO; and some knowledge of basic S/390 product implementation techniques, such as SMP/E is desirable. After completing this Topic, the student will have an understanding of Product Configuration; discovery of Network Resources; monitoring and control of network resources; IP connection and general network diagnosis; and using the web to access capacity planning reports.


Network Administrators responsible for management and administration of mainframe networks. Operators and Help Desk personnel responsible for initial network diagnostics. Capacity Planners responsible for measuring and monitoring the performance of network infrastructure. System Programmers responsible for the installation of this product.


Familiarity with OS/390 networking concepts and facilities, TCP/IP and SNMP, ISPF, and TSO. Some knowledge of basic S/390 product implementation techniques, such as SMP/E,is also desirable.


    After completing this course the student should be able to:
  • Understand Product Configuration.
  • Understand Discovery of Network Resources.
  • Monitor and control network resources.
  • Understand IP connection and general network diagnosis.
  • Use the Web to access Capacity Planning Reports.

Course Content

Introduction to Unicenter Mainframe TCP/IP Management

Installation and Setup

General Usage

Customization & Administration

Getting Started with IP Resource Management

Monitoring IP Nodes

Using the Alert Monitor

Diagnosing TCP/IP Connections

General Product Functions

Unicenter NetMaster Reporter

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