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VTAM for VSE Operators


8 hours


The VTAM for VSE Operators course explores VTAM concepts and the IBM network structure. It also explains the VTAM commands to manipulate and manage a VSE VTAM Network.


Experienced VSE operators and other personnel requiring knowledge of VTAM operations


Knowledge of the VSE operating system


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Recognize the components of a network
  • Identify how data is transferred and how sessions are established
  • Define the duties of a network operator
  • Recognize VTAM commands to ensure availability of network components
  • Recognize VTAM commands to start, stop, control, and monitor the network

Course Content

Introduction to IBM Communications

System Network Architecture
Transmission Method, Type, and Mode
Speed and Direction

Components of a VTAM Network

Line Discipline
Applications Used On a Network
SNA Concepts and Facilities
Logical and Physical Units
Domains and Sub-areas

Sessions, Controllers, and the NCP

Network Control Program
Controllers 3174/3274

Network Operators’ Responsibilities and Starting VTAM

Role of the Network Operator
Problem Determination
Starting VTAM and Starting Procedures
Configuration Lists

Controlling VTAM

Major and Subordinate Nodes and Logical Units
VTAM Shutdown

Command Formats, Part 1

Display Applications
Display BFRUSE
Display Cross Domain Resource Managers
Display Clusters
Display Stations, Major Nodes, Terminals

Command Formats, Part 2

Display VTAM Applications
Display Terminal Status
Display Status of Controller, PU Or MAJNODE
Display Line Status

Activating and Inactivating Nodes

Vary Act/ Inact Command

A Test on VTAM for VSE

Summary of VTAM Questions

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