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7 hours


The CONTROL-D course introduces the concepts, facilities, and use of the BMC Control-D z/OS report distribution product. It discusses how standard reports can be analyzed, split, copied, distributed, printed, and viewed by Control-D, and the facilities available for backing up and archiving system reports and output.


Personnel requiring knowledge of CONTROL-D


Knowledge of IBM hardware, software, terminology, and concepts


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the components of CONTROL-D
  • Recognize access methods
  • Create and work with Calendars
  • Define the relevance of Decollation Missions
  • Identify how Online Viewing works
  • Recognize the components of the Log
  • Recognize the Backup, Restore, and Print Missions
  • Define Conditions
  • Recognize KeyStroke Reporting Language
  • Course Content

    Control-D Overview, Concepts and Access

    What Is Control-D?
    Advantages Over Traditional Printing Methods
    Job Flow
    Access Methods

    Recipients and Calendars

    Recipient Tree Overview
    Recipient Tree Commands
    Recipient Definition
    What are Calendars?
    Creating a New Year
    Periodic Calendars

    Decollating Missions

    Overview of Decollating Missions
    List of Jobs
    Basic Scheduling Parameters
    Decollation Definition
    Ordering and Forcing

    Backup, Print and Restore Missions

    Backup Missions
    Restore Missions
    Print Missions
    Printing Scenarios
    Output Defaults

    Monitoring System Activity

    Active Missions Screen Overview
    Active Missions Screen Commands
    Overview of the Log
    Masking the Log
    Log Commands
    Adding a Condition
    Other Commands
    Manual Condition Commands

    Online Viewing

    Overview of Online Viewing
    Display Types
    Report List Management

    Maintenance, Housekeeping and Reporting

    Maintenance Utilities
    Online Utilities
    KSRL Commands
    Invoking KSRL
    CONTROL-D PC Commands
    Problem Solving

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