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RACF V2 R3 Curriculum

NOTE: Draft Curriculum of Courses to be released Q2, 2019

Course Title Duration Description
Introduction to RACF 3 This course introduces the learner to IBM’s RACF security software, explaining how it has evolved and how it is typically used in z/OS, and can interact with non-z/OS workloads. It discusses the importance of security, and the types of resources it protects. The course then introduces the concept of user and group profiles and describes from a user perspective, RACF’s interaction with day-to-day user tasks. Examples showing how various users can interact with RACF are also provided.
Defining Users to RACF 4 The “Defining Users to RACF” course details the skills that are required by a security administrator, programmer, or DBA in using RACF to secure systems and data. It explains how to define and maintain individual users within RACF, using several interfaces.
Managing RACF Groups and Administrative Authorities 3 The “Managing RACF Groups and Administrative Authorities” course follows on from the “Defining Users to RACF” course describing how users can be connected to group profiles and can be assigned special privileged access.
Protecting Data Sets and z/OS UNIX Files Using RACF 4 The “Protecting Data Sets and z/OS UNIX Files Using RACF” course describes how RACF is used to define access to z/OS data sets and z/OS UNIX files. Information on the profiles used to provide this access is also discussed in detail.
Protecting General Resources Using RACF 4 The “Protecting General Resources Using RACF” course describes how RACF is used to define access to system resources such as DASD and tape volumes, load modules (programs), and terminals. Details of the profiles used to provide access to these items is also discussed in detail.
Managing Digital Certificates 3 The “Managing Digital Certificates” course discusses how digital certificates are used to provide authentication in a z/OS environment, with initial content describing how to plan for their use. Details discussing how digital certificates are created and managed are then provided.
RACF for System Programmers 3 The “RACF for System Programmers” course describes how the RACF database is structured and configured, and the skills needed to ensure that it runs optimally.
RACF for Auditors 4 The RACF for System Auditors course describes the purpose of an audit and provides an overview of steps used when planning one. Following this, more in-depth RACF audit commands and controls are discussed along with the types of reports that can be produced.
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