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4 hours


The ILE RPG/400 course explains improvements to the iSeries RPG features and how to use them. It also provides an example program.


Personnel requiring an overview of ILE RPG and knowledge of programming RPG in an ILE


Knowledge of data processing, iSeries operations, and RPG programming


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the differences associated with using RPG in an ILE
  • Recognize the new D specification
  • Recognize the new opcodes
  • Identify the functions and features in the example program

Course Content

An Introduction to ILE RPG

Introduction to ILE RPG
Language Enhancements
Program Creation
Program Management
Program Calls - Dynamic Vs Static
Source Debugging
Bindable APIs

The D Specification Sheet

Continuation Lines
Internal Data Types

New Opcodes and Functions

New Definition Layouts
New Definition Capabilities
Built-in Functions
New Data Types
Pointer Support
Graphic Data Support
Limits Enhancements

An Example Program

Function of the Program
New ILE and Data Specification Features
Operation of C Specifications
Compiling Modules

ILE RPG/400 Mastery Test

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