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Introduction to CONTROL-M Scheduling


4 hours


The Introduction to CONTROL-M Scheduling course introduces the BMC Control-M Scheduling Product for z/OS systems. It describes how schedules and calendars are created and applied, and how jobs can be defined to these schedules to be automatically processed as required.


Personnel requiring knowledge of CONTROL-M


Knowledge of IBM hardware, software, terminology, and concepts


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Recognize CONTROL-M components
  • Identify how calendars are defined and used for scheduling
  • Identify how to define and schedule a job

Course Content

Introduction to Control-M

Introduction to CONTROL-M Concepts

Using Control-M

Accessing and Navigating CONTROL-M

Defining Calendars and Jobs

Defining Scheduling Calendars
Defining Jobs to CONTROL-M

Scheduling Jobs

Defining a Job Schedule
Defining Run-time Scheduling Parameters
Defining Post-Scheduling Parameters
Manually Scheduling Jobs

Introduction to Control-M Scheduling Mastery Test

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