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Monitoring the CONTROL-M Scheduling Environment


4 hours


The Monitoring the CONTROL-M Scheduling Environment course describes the use of the Control-M for z/OS scheduling package's monitoring and reporting facilities. It describes how jobs and schedules can be monitored and maintained through the Control-M online facilities and through standard Control-M utilities. It also shows some of the standard reporting utilities and describes how they can be used and executed.


Personnel requiring the knowledge to use CONTROL-M on a mainframe platform


Knowledge of IBM hardware, software, terminology, and concepts


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Identify how JCL processing is used
  • Recognize the basic CONTROL-M facilities
  • Identify how system activity is monitored
  • Identify how the system utilities are used
  • Identify how reports are created

Course Content

JCL Processing and Schedule Workflow

Defining and Using System and User Variables in JCL

Control-M Facilities

Delegating Scheduling Authority
CONTROL-M Event Management
Modifying Job Schedules and Processing

Monitoring System Activity

Identifying Job Status
Using the Active Jobs Screen Options
Viewing the Log for Information
Monitoring Conditions and Resources

Utilities, Reporting, and the KeyStroke Language

Common Utilities
Coding the KeyStroke Language
Creating Reports Using the KeyStroke Reporting Language

Monitoring the Control-M Scheduling Environment Mastery Test

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