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Console Simulations


z/OS MVS                                              3 hours
JES2                                                       2 hours
VTAM                                                     2 hours
CICS                                                       2 hours
SHUTDOWN and IPL                            1 hour


These modularized simulations provide scenarios where MVS, JES, CICS and VTAM commands are required to analyze system component status, or attributes and resolve a problem. Required console responses during system shutdown and IPL are also covered.


Junior and senior operators responsible for monitoring z/OS system activity and resolving day-to-day z/OS system issues using console commands.  This course allows the student to practice entering commands and viewing responses.


Basic understanding of the z/OS Operating System or completion of the z/OS JES2, z/OS Communications and CICS courseware.


After completing this set of courses the student should be able to:

  • Enter z/OS MVS commands to maintain system integrity, monitor system and online functions, and identify and resolve system problems
  • Respond to messages displayed during z/OS IPL and shutdown
  • Enter CICS, VTAM, and JES2 commands to monitor and control elements associated with those environments

Course List

z/OS MVS Command Simulations

Sim 1 - Displaying and Cancelling Jobs
Sim 2 - Checking for Enqueues and Outstanding Requests
Sim 3 - Displaying and Modifying SMF Attributes
Sim 4 - Recovering from Full SMF Data Sets
Sim 5 - Modifying TSO Access
Sim 6 - Defining a Tape Device as Autoswitchable
Sim 7 - Varying an Offline Tape Device back Online
Sim 8 - Swapping a Tape from one Drive to another
Sim 9 - Configuring Console Attributes
Sim 10 - Varying a DASD Device Offline and Online
Sim 11 - Clearing Dump Data Sets and Creating a Dump
Sim 12 - Canceling a TSO User
Sim 13 - Configuring a CPU Online and Displaying its Status
Sim 14 - Configuring a Channel Path Online and Varying a DASD Device Online to that Path

JES2 Command Simulations

Sim 1 - Responding to a JES2 Abend
Sim 2 - Shutting Down JES2 as a Result of it Stalling on Initialization
Sim 3 - Recovering from a JES2 Resource Shortage
Sim 4 - Recovering from a JES2 Spool Shortage
Sim 5 - Invoking the JES2 Checkpoint Reconfiguration to Redefine Primary and Alternate Data Sets
Sim 6 - Diagnosing and Resolving RJE Line Problems
Sim 7 - Displaying and Modifying Printer Attributes
Sim 8 - Modifying the Status of Job Queues to Avoid Batch Jobs Running in an Incorrect Order

CICS Command Simulations

Sim 1 - Identify and Purge Tasks That are Looping
Sim 2 - Identify and Resolve Resource Enqueues
Sim 3 - Resolving Problems Associated with Terminal Connections
Sim 4 - Disabling and Enabling Transactions
Sim 5 - Performing a CICS Dump and Auxiliary Trace
Sim 6 - Displaying and Enabling a CICS File
Sim 7 - Shutdown and Start-up of CICS

VTAM Command Simulations

Sim 1 - Running a Trace on a Node
Sim 2 - Displaying Attributes of Major and Minor Nodes and the Users Logged onto them
Sim 3 - Displaying Storage Attributes and Buffer Use
Sim 4 - Displaying Terminal and TSO User Attributes
Sim 5 - Displaying Cluster Information
Sim 6 - Displaying Line and Channel Link Information
Sim 7 - Shutdown and Start-up of VTAM

z/OS System Shutdown and IPL Simulations

Sim 1 - Operator Responses and Commands Associated with a Manual z/OS System Shut-down
Sim 2 - Operator Responses and Commands Associated with a Manual z/OS System Start-Up

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