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zWS - Maintaining the Integrity of IBM Z Workload Scheduler


4 hours


The Maintaining the Integrity of IBM Z Workload Scheduler for z/OS course describes the creation and modification of current plans and long-term plans and the backup and recovery associated with them.


Workload Scheduling and Operations personnel responsible for maintaining the integrity of data within IBM Z Workload Scheduler.


    Successful completion of the following courses, or equivalent knowledge:
  • zWS - Monitoring and Managing the IBM Z Workload Scheduler Environment
  • zWS - Scheduling with IBM Z Workload Scheduler


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Create long-term and current plans
  • Perform backup and recovery of IBM Z Workload Scheduler data sets including the current plan

Course Content

Creating and Maintaining Plans

Creating the Long-Term Plan
Modifying the Long-Term Plan
Creating the Current Plan and Daily Reports

Undertaking Backup and Recovery

Ensuring the Integrity of the Current Plan
Performing General Backup and Recovery
Creating an Audit Report

zWs - Maintaining the Integrity of IBM Z Workload Scheduler Mastery Test

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