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zWS - Understanding How IBM Z Workload Scheduler Processes Work


3 hours


The Understanding How IBM Z Workload Scheduler Processes Work course discusses the need for workload scheduling in today's enterprise organization, and provides general information describing how IBM Z Workload Scheduler (formerly IBM Z Workload Scheduler for z/OS, or TWSz) processes jobs.


Data Center operators, schedulers or support staff seeking an introduction to IBM Z Workload Scheduler.


  • General knowledge of the z/OS environment
  • Understanding of the batch processing environment Objectives


    After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe the purpose of IBM Z Workload Scheduler
  • List the individuals and teams that use IBM Z Workload Scheduler
  • Explain how plans are used to define work for processing

Course Content

Understanding the Role of IBM Z Workload Scheduler

Today’s Scheduling Environment
IBM Z Workload Scheduling Suite Components
Who Works With IBM Z Workload Scheduler?
IBM Z Workload Scheduling Concepts and Terminology
Communicating with the IBM Z Workload Scheduler

Processing Workloads

Using Long-Term and Current Plans
How is the Workload Processed?
Monitoring Activity Using the ISPF Dialogs
Defining Workload Definitions

zWS - Understanding How IBM Z Workload Scheduler Processes Work Mastery Test

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