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JCL (z/OS) – JCL Coding Basics – JOB and EXEC Statements 2.5


4 hours



This course describes the purpose of commonly used JOB and EXEC JCL statements, and concentrates on the parameters encountered when working with these statements.


Operators and programmers who need to know how to code and submit JCL batch jobs.


Completion of the JCL (z/OS) – Introduction to JCL Interskill course, or appropriate knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Code a basic JCL JOB statement
  • Describe the positional and keyword parameters that can be coded on a JOB statement
  • Code an EXEC statement that will invoke a program or procedure

Course Content

JOB Statement Basics

Importance of the JOB Statement
Placement of the JOB Statement
Positional and Keyword Parameters
Commonly used JOB Statement Parameters

Additional JOB Statement Parameters

Using TYPRUN for Special Processing Requirements
Time Restraints for Jobs
Checking Condition Codes using the COND Parameter
Defining Job Priority
Restarting Jobs
Output-related JOB Statement Parameters
Running your Job on a Different System

Running a Program Using EXEC Statements

EXEC Statement Use
Placement of the EXEC Statement
Invoking Programs and Procedures
EXEC Statement Parameters
Commonly used EXEC Statement Parameters
Common EXEC Statement Mistakes

JCL (z/OS) – JCL Coding Basics – JOB and EXEC Statements 2.5 Mastery Test