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Storage – Storage & Tape Administration Using DFSMShsm & DFSMSrmm z/OS 2.5


3 hours



Initial content discusses space administration needs looking at data center backup and migration requirements, and then showing how this is achieved using DFSMShsm. The management of tape volumes and labels using DFSMSrmm is also covered in detail.


This course is suitable for Operators, System Programmers, Storage Administrators and other staff who are responsible for monitoring and managing data storage in a z/OS environment.


General knowledge of ISPF and z/OS data processing concepts.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain how DFSMShsm is used for Data Set Migration and Backup/Recovery
  • Identify and perform tape administration tasks using DFSMSrmm

Course Content

Space and Availability Management Using DFSMShsm

Space and Availability Storage Requirements
The Role of DFSMShsm
End-User and Storage Administrator Tasks
Deleting Expired Data Sets
Class Transitioning
Understanding Migration
Volume Dumps
Incremental Backups
Data Recovery using DFSMShsm

DFSMSrmm Operations

The Role of DFSMSrmm in Managing Tape
Major DFSMSrmm Components
Accessing DFSMSrmm
Starting, Stopping and Modifying DFSMSrmm
Responding to Initialization, Tape Processing and DFSMSrmm System Messages
Initializing, Erasing and Scanning Tape Volumes
DFSMSrmm Support for Virtual Tape

Storage – Storage & Tape Administration Using DFSMShsm & DFSMSrmm z/OS 2.5 Mastery Test