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z/OS Connect – IBM z/OS Connect 3.0


5 hours



The IBM z/OS Connect Version 3.0 course discusses the importance of organizations taking advantage of opening up their mainframe data to cloud, mobile, and web customers through the use of RESTful APIs, and describes how z/OS Connect provides this capability. The course also covers what IT specialists need to know on how resource access and data communication is performed by z/OS Connect including the different aspects of z/OS Connect OpenAPI 2 and z/OS Connect OpenAPI 3 and how each can be used.


This course is suitable for operations staff, system and application programmers, and other personnel that need to connect to z/OS data.


A general understanding of the data center processing environment and some z/OS knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe how z/OS Connect is used to service communication between clients and z/OS resources.
  • Manage and configure z/OS Connect native server.
  • Install and use the z/OS Connect API toolkit to package and deploy RESTful APIs to z/OS Connect native server.

Course Content

Introducing IBM z/OS Connect

What z/OS Connect is
What are RESTful APIs?
How z/OS Connect is used
OpenAPI 2 and OpenAPI 3
z/OS Connect Security

Creating, Configuring, and Starting IBM z/OS Connect

Creating a z/OS Connect native server
Starting and Stopping the z/OS Connect native server
Configuring the server.xml file
z/OS Connect connections
APIs and API Requesters

Monitoring and Securing IBM z/OS Connect

Accessing and viewing message and server logs
SMF Type 123 Data
SMF Type 120 Data
WLM Reporting Classes
Configuring TLS
Configuring Authentication
Mapping User Registry
Access Rules
z/OS Asset Security

z/OS Connect API Toolkit Basics

Installing the API Toolkit
Connecting to a z/OS Connect Server
API Provider and API Requester
Service Project and Service Interface Editors
Creating RESTful APIs
Packaging and Deploying
Service Interface Method Mapping
Using the Swagger User Interface

z/OS Connect – IBM z/OS Connect 3.0 Mastery Test