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Mainframe Skills Assessments

Mainframe Skills Assessments provide the measurability so vital to an effective mainframe education solution. Extensive banks of mainframe focused, scenario based questions enable an organization to accurately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their mainframe workforce. As any Mainframe IT Manager will readily agree, this sort of data is priceless! Click here to see a list of our Mainframe Skills Assessments.

Managers will analyze the data gathered to identify workforce or individual skill gaps, determine future training needs, measure the effectiveness of the training currently used and calculate ROI. This level of accurate, objective analysis of the mainframe workforce has never before been possible in the industry.

Students will use the assessment to benchmark their current skill levels on a topic. After they complete a series of training (any or all of classroom, e-learning, OJT, mentoring) on that topic, they will assess again and quantify their improvement in knowledge base and skill set.

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Mainframe Skills Assessment questions are in a variety of types to truly challenge students and test their skills and knowledge with real world scenarios!

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Mainframe Skills Assessments
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