Phoenix Software – JES3plus Training

Phoenix Software’s JES3plus is a licensed, derivative work based on IBM®’s z/OS® JES3 V2R4 source code. Created with customers in mind, JES3plus provides existing JES3 customers a common-sense alternative to a costly JES2 conversion. Customer implementation involves a trivial migration to a fully supported product, with a road map for enhancements, no planned end of life, and no additional licensing costs.

This online, on-demand, JES3plus training curriculum is available as a key part of Interskill’s multi-award-winning mainframe workforce training resource.
This is the mainframe computing industry’s most awarded, most delivered, most IBM Credentialed mainframe training!

It’s low cost and provides your mainframe workforce with year-round, unlimited, on-demand access to hundreds of online IBM Z mainframe and mainframe related courses, to hands-on mainframe Labs, to mainframe expert videos, to powerful mainframe coaching/mentoring tools, to mainframe job-role specific ‘learning road maps’, to mainframe skills assessment, to a state of the art Learning Management System offering training data analytics & reporting, and to the industry-changing impact of official IBM Digital Credentials (Badges).

This is how today’s mainframe industry trains! This is how your modern mainframe workforce should be training!