Mainframe Coaching & Mentoring Course

This powerful, IBM Credentialed, elearning course trains mainframe managers and senior mainframe personnel in the science, techniques and skills essential in effective Coaching and Mentoring for Technical Specialists. It trains mainframe computing professionals how to better initiate and leverage coaching and mentoring from managers and senior mainframe personnel, as a superior form of mainframe training and a valuable accelerator to their mainframe computing careers!

See what Jim Daniels from IBM recently blogged about regarding Interskill Learning’s role in Coaching and Mentoring in the mainframe arena.

Course Outline

The Coaching and Mentoring for Technical Specialists elearning course provides a backdrop of the types of learning that commonly occur within today’s organizations. It discusses various learning methods and initiatives and what they mean to individuals, team leaders/managers, and to the organization overall.

The course then focuses on coaching and mentoring, looking at their differences and the benefits they offer. After introducing an overview on the coaching and mentoring processes, a number of scenarios are presented that provide a technical perspective on these learning items and how they could be implemented in a technical environment.


This course is suitable for a wide range of people – from business managers and team leaders, to technical specialists, who need to better manage and gain value from learning.


An understanding of the organization’s structure and environment will be beneficial.


  • Describe learning methods and how they benefit individuals, team leaders, and the organization
  • Explain the differences between coaching and mentoring

Course Content

Acquiring Skills and Knowledge

How Learning has Evolved
Learning Perspectives – Individual, Team Leader, and Organization
Future-Proofing Learning
Implementing a Learning Program
Blended Learning
Coaching and its Benefits
How Mentoring Differs from Coaching

Real-Life Coaching and Mentoring

Internal and External Coaches
Coaching Models
What makes a Great Coach?
Coaching in a Technical Environment
Tips for Successful Coaching
How a Mentor can Help
Mentoring Models
The Need for a Technical Mentor
The Mentoring Process
Finding a Mentor
Tips for Mentoring Success