Registration for the IBM z Enterprise Computing Kickstart

IBM and Interskill Learning is pleased to offer you this Curriculum of Mainframe eLearning Courses at no cost to qualifying universities and schools! We hope that this training brings positive results in your mainframe computing career! We wish you all the best for the future!

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This program will be ending on August 31, 2022. If you have completed all or part of the program, be sure to print out your historical records before August 31, 2022. Please be aware that the total estimated hours to complete all courses is about 70 hours.

Important items before you register.

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Course List Offering

  • 1. IBM Development Environment Overview
  • 2. Introduction to z/OS JCL
  • 3. Db2 – Db2 Fundamentals V12
  • 4. Db2 – Introduction to RDBMSs and Db2 V12
  • 5. Db2 – Manage Data Definitions with Db2 V12
  • 6. Db2 – Db2 SQL Fundamentals V12
  • 7. Db2 – Advanced Db2 SQL V12
  • 8. Db2 – Create and Maintain Db2 Programs V12
  • 9. Db2 – Db2 Stored Procedures V12
  • 10. Db2 – Optimize Db2 Application Performance V12
  • 11. Introduction to the REXX Programming Language
  • 12. REXX Keyword Instructions
  • 13. REXX Built-In Functions
  • 14. REXX with z/OS and TSO/E