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If you are a mainframe computing manager or a leader within your mainframe computing organization seeking to improve your coaching and mentoring skills, but you do not currently have an Interskill License, we may be able to assist you!

Enter your details below to request complimentary access to Interskill Learning’s Coaching and Mentoring for Technical Specialists course.

This course will teach you the science, techniques and skills essential to effectively Coach and Mentor your mainframe computing personnel. Interskill Learning is committed to the long term health and vibrancy of the global mainframe computing workforce, so you are assisting us by completing this courses and being better armed to create a culture of learning in your mainframe computing organization!

And as an additional benefit, you will earn an official IBM Credential for Coaching and Mentoring. Show the world just what an exceptional, multi-skilled mainframe computing manager you are!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Coaching and Mentoring

Mainframe Coaching and Mentoring Toolbox

A broad array of tools that empower your busy senior mainframe personnel to be exceptional mainframe coaches and mentors while minimizing their required time and effort. Includes a Coaching & Mentoring Course, a Mainframe Class and Webinar Developer, Enhanced Learning Pathways, Sandbox Exercise Coach’s Notes and an LMS Communicator.