SHARE complimentary IBM Digital Badge

Interskill has a special offer for SHARE Columbus 2022 attendees!

We want you to experience the joys and the career benefits of earning a prestigious IBM digital credential! The pride of having it displayed on your LinkedIn profile, and the kudos you get from colleagues and friends for earning it!

We also want you to learn new mainframe skills using the world’s most awarded, most delivered, most IBM credentialed mainframe training! You learning new mainframe skills helps to lift the skill level of the whole mainframe industry!

We are mainframe”, and we have always been proud to play our part in upskilling the global mainframe industry!

As a SHARE Columbus 2022 attendee, please use the drop-down menu below to pick your favorite badge from over 80 IBM digital badges. Interskill will give you 1 month FREE access to all the online mainframe courses you need to earn it! No strings attached! (Please use your correct information, and your work or academic email address, to ensure you receive your access instructions and eventually, your IBM Badge!)

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