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Podcasts and Videos

IBM Z DevOps Talks Podcast

Interskill CEO Darren Surch talks Interskill Learning, badges, and computer-based training with IBM’s Chris Hoina and Chris Sayles on the IBM Z DevOps Talks podcast.

Terminal Talk Podcast

Interskill CEO Darren Surch talks about the mainframe industry and the future of mainframe workforce training with industry legends Frank DeGilio and Jeff Bisti on IBM’s Terminal Talk podcast.


Digital Badges

Mainframe training’s untapped superpower.

Mainframe Workforce

How to Build an Internal Mainframe Talent Pool


The Managers Guide To Modern Mainframe Workforce Training

Mainframe Coaching and Mentoring eBook.

Course Modules

Cloud Governance

Introduction to Cloud Governance.

C/C++ on z/OS for C Programmers

C/C++ on z/OS for C Programmers.

Quantum – Installing Qiskit on IBM LinuxONE – Expert Videos

Meet IBM Quantum Computing.

Tech Papers

How To Show a 10,000 Foot View of zOS Performance

How can you show the performance of a z/OS system?

My RMF Monitor III Top Five

The five features David Stephens uses most.

Performance Tuning vs CPU Reduction

Tuning to make things run faster is different to reducing CPU. David Stephens explains why.

SRM vs WLM – They Really Arent The Same

So, what does SRM really do? And how is it different to WLM?

Expert Videos

At Rest: Disk and Dataset

Pervasive Encryption Video 1 of 7

What is Quantum Computing and What is it Not?

Easy Introduction to Quantum Computing 2 of 6

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