CA 7 Workload Automation Series

Introduction to CA Workload Automation – CA 7® Edition

Duration: 4hrs

This course introduces the learner to the CA 7 environment and its structure. It describes the methods used to schedule a job and explains how jobs progress through the CA 7 system. A description of initialization parameters used and how they can be invoked at CA 7 startup are provided along with CA 7 general access and navigation instructions.

CA 7 Workload Automation – Scheduling Batch Processing

Duration: 6hrs

This course describes job attributes required when defining a job in CA 7 and explains how CA 7 keeps track of data sets used by jobs under its control. The Date/Time and Event driven scheduling methods are discussed thoroughly along with manual methods used to run ad-hoc jobs under CA 7.

CA 7 Workload Automation – Monitoring and Managing the Batch Processing Environment

Duration: 6hrs

This course describes techniques for monitoring CA 7 job throughput and the functions that can be applied to jobs residing on Request and Ready queues. Commands used to forecast workload demands are explained and advanced manipulation of CA 7-managed JCL using CA Driver procedures and global variables are provided. The use of virtual resources to control job submission is also covered along with CA 7 job documentation processes.

CA 7 Workload Automation – System Programmer Interaction with CA 7

Duration: 4hrs

This advanced course describes how communication with CA 7 is possible using various interfaces and then focuses on the management and performance aspects of CA 7 using workload balancing macros and reporting.

CA 7 Workload Automation – Backup, Recovery and Problem Resolution

Duration: 5hrs

This advanced course covers the types of backup and recovery options, techniques and products that are available to CA 7. It looks at defining attributes associated with CA 7 disaster recovery mode and how some automatic recovery can be configured. Preventing and resolving common CA 7 issues is also provided.